Day Care Center

Day Care Center

Day Care Center for people with disabilities

The Day Care Center for people with disabilities is located in Alexandroupolis and is an innovative program of SOS Children’s Villages aiming to address a primary need of Thrace.

Its main goal is to promote the autonomy and social integration of people with disabilities and to improve their quality of life as well as the one of their families, enhancing daily living skills and providing pre-vocational training.

The Day Care Center is staffed by a scientific team consisting of a social worker, a psychologist, a special pedagogue, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a nurse, a music therapist, a ceramist, and a visual artist. Also, it provides counseling services to the beneficiaries and their families.

The Day Care Center operates in the SOS Children’s Village in Thrace and supports people with disabilities of 7 – 45 years old, as well as their families