Learning and Education Centers

Learning and Education Centers

Learning and Education Centers aim to cover the documented needs of families who are in a disadvantaged financial position and are unable to support the learning and educational progress of their children by themselves while developing children’s psychosocial skills adapted to their age group. At the same time they support parents in creating “free beneficial” time for them to use in pursuing a job and vocational training opportunities.

Learning and Education Centers operate on a daily basis and provide their services free of charge to children of families with documented low income, attending the last three grades of primary school, and high school.


The services of the Learning and Education Centers provided free of charge are the following:

  • Language and Math courses for Primary School students
  • Language, Math and Physics courses for High School student
  • English Language courses
  • Computer courses
  • Psychosocial activities
  • Snack


At the same time, through the local Social Centers children and parents have access to psychosocial services (parents’ counseling, psychological support, speech therapy, special education, etc) when necessary

Learning and Education Centers are operating in Athens, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, and Patras.