Since the end of 2015, SOS Children’s Villages ERP team has been supporting refugee children, youths, and families offering a wide range of services that varies from accommodation and psychosocial support, legal assistance, educational, recreational, and stress-relief activities as well as provision of food and non-food items.

We have been operating in various camps across the country, such as in Eleonas, Schistos, the Port of Thessaloniki, Diavata, Moria, and KaraTepe on Lesvos island, and we have run Shelters for unaccompanied children.

Throughout the support offered, more than 300 unaccompanied children were facilitated to be reunited with their family in Europe, were supported to apply for asylum in Greece, continued their education and were prevented from dropping out. Boys and girls aged between 3 to 17 years, as well as single mothers with their toddlers, found immediate psychosocial support, tailor-made to their needs, in addition to legal and integrational assistance.


Education was an important pillar which was used to restore children’s normality, support their personal growth, and allow them to become children again. Focusing on supporting children, we continue to offer integrational programs to refugee and migrant children and families that remain in Greece.

In order to secure the best possible support for those in need, capacity building and technical assistance of professionals working on the field are being offered, so that children have more opportunities to regain the right to their childhood. We join forces with child protection organizations from around the world through collaborations and programs, such as the EPSUM program in which we participate with the SOS Children’s Villages Italy, in order to provide children with the opportunities they are entitled to.

Aiming at securing that children will not be deprived of the family care environment again, we make every possible effort and we support every child in need, giving the next generation the opportunity to develop its skills and reach its full potential.