Working with communities

Working with communities

In SOS Children’s Villages we work with communities but also groups who are especially interested in child and family protection such as teachers, psychologists and social workers in order to educate them and raise awareness about child protection.

Our first scope of action concerns the networking with other Public and Private sector bodies. Through networking, the families we support have access to services that they may need but cannot afford or are not aware of the procedures they need to follow to access them (e.g. health, work or education services). Our systematic support towards vulnerable families raises awareness of the professionals of the public and private bodies we work with as well as of the wider local community.

Our second scope of action concerns local interventions throughout Greece. The most important are:

  • Support of educators (nursery staff, teachers, professors) through counseling seminars concerning addressing issues in their daily work (e.g. children’s developmental difficulties, aggressive behavior, setting limits, etc.)
  • Early intervention programs (usually 2 year-long) for children, parents and professionals aiming to early detect and work on children’s developmental difficulties
  • Organizing scientific conferences on child and family protection and participating in similar initiatives by other institutions
  • Raising awareness in schools and local communities on Child and Family Rights
  • Participation in community programs in order to develop skills or gain knowledge in new topics
  • Public awareness activities through nationwide and local media on child, family and social issues
  • Organizing and participating in educational and cultural events